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 My Story:
John Lord
Pres.  Merchant-id /
Agent office for MCPS


25 plus years in merchant services has to mean I have the right goals in mind, your business success.

      I been self employed business owner for all my adult life.  I owned a dry cleaning business in the 70's -80's, been a stockbroker with 7 / 63 license in the 80's.  Most business owners relate better to other business owners.      

     In 1991, Before cell phones and internet as we know it today, I assisted new and existing business achieve success.   First, as a top credit card processing telemarketing sales  rep for Cherry Payment Systems. Later, I migrated to Cardservices International, which today is known as First Data Independent Sales or FDIS. 

     In the mid 90's, I realized most credit card terminals, software and processing services were NOT merchant friendly or affordably.  Working for someone else meant selling only the products and services told to me by my superiors.   I decided to take charge of my own destiny, like you, I became "The Boss" and went out on my own...again.  I found a company that was owned (holding company more precisely) of an acquirer bank Woodforest National Bank, listed on Visa and MasterCard's websites as a top acquiring bank for all 50 states and Headquartered in Texas.   After reading about their rich history and their innovative ideas of being the first bank to have branches in Wal-Mart's, I knew this company was for me.  They allowed me to this day to be able to provide the best services out there...not just the ones they want me to market.  Today, over 20 years later, I can say I made the right choices.  I am independent, the products I sell are second to none and most of my clients refer me to people they know and even to their sons and daughters that are now taking over the family business.  Thanks to all the referrals from happy customers, my marketing budget is small.  Because of lower overhead, our services are comparable higher in quality and lower in cost.    I don't need phony 'likes' on FaceBook.  I do not subscribe to it.  I admit I been very fortunate.   However if you are just starting, do not neglect advertising and marketing.

About MCPS and Corp Partners

     Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions (MCPS), a direct representative of Woodforest National Bank.  Merchants Choice Payment Solutions, a Paysafe Company, is a cutting edge processing and servicing center for Merchants. Our proprietary platform technology enables us the ability to board merchants on multiple platforms, while simultaneously allowing access to a variety of business intelligence tools. We deliver card processing services to more than 50,000 merchants and 1,000 bank locations, processing over $7 billion in sales volume annually.


  The Smart (Merchants) Choice. 
          Why call us?  Merchant Service Providers (MSP'S) are the only ones that can provide all aspects of credit card processing / merchant services. Super centers like CXXXXX and Sxxx Cxxx are not MSP's.   Many banks that refer merchants to third parties are not MSP's. Yet their advertisement and name familiarity is effective in getting normally sharp thinking business owners to drop their guard and pay up front fees for less than desirable services.  Hey business owner....Why put your trust in companies that only refer to other companies?  We been the smart choice for merchant for years. However, If you still prefer to  apply for services from a sales rep, that got a lead from a company that got the lead from a supercenter or local bank, then  have a nice day.

With 20 plus years in merchant services, we have the reputation and quality you want. PLUS  our products and services almost sell themselves.

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  John Lord  Pres.  Merchant-ID
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