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1. Merchant Service Providers (MSP'S) are the only ones that can provide all aspects of credit card processing / merchant services. 

2. Supercenters like Cxxxxx and Sxxx Cxxx are not MSP's.  Many banks that refer merchants to third parties are not MSP's. Their advertisement and name familiarity is effective in getting normally sharp thinking business owners to drop their guard and pay up front fees for less than desirable services. 

3.    I am not a quota pressured street walker referred from a bank.  I am a business owner like you.  For over 25 years I have been helping business accept credit cards with the right solutions for the right price.  - John Lord

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 Let us provide that solid foundation for your transactions.

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Fee Format:        Interchange Plus Pass-Thru
MSP/ISO:         Merchants Choice Payment Solutions MCPS
Agent Office:  Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Eastern States
Acquirer:           Woodforest National Bank  Houston TX

Secure Payment Gateway:
Preferred Data Processor:  First Data Corporation

Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Eastern States

Merchants Choice Payment Solutions is a registered agent for Woodforest National Bank, Houston TX

MCPS is a registered MSP/ISO OF WOODFOREST National Bank,  Houston, TX
John Lord Agent Office for MCPS.    eProcessingNetwork payment gateway provider.
John Lord Authorized Reseller for eProcessingNetwork

First Data is the main processor for Woodforest National Bank, TX ,  Intuit, QuickBooks, eprocessingnetwork, epnplugin, First Data are trademarked names for their respective companies.

The Legal Stuff  Services provided by the following: MerchantID, Merchants Choice Payment Solutions, a Paysafe Company,  registered ISO/MSP  of Woodforest National Bank.  Houston TX FDIC insured bank, John Lord Agent Office Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Eastern States.  Preferred data Processor First Data Corp.  Secure Payment Gateway eProcessingNetwork.