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 Got QuickBooks® software? 
  Plugin for QuickBooks
® software saves credit card processing costs!    
 FREE Merchant Account | Software | Hardware offer!
 Process credit cards directly within QuickBooks® Pro, Premier, Enterprise software. 2015-2018

  Using QuickBooks
® doesn't mean paying "jacked up" credit card discount rates.
Save up to 25%  and process sales Directly Within your QuickBooks® software.  Our PCI compliant service and can  store multiple cards, process level 2 purchase cards (lowers cost on b2b transaction).  Plus more benefits too much to list. 


Create QB Invoice

Receive Payment

Key-in, swipe or Card-On-File

QB Invoice marked paid.

Free Merchant Account | Free Software | No Application fee | No Gateway set up fee.
Free Integration Assistance.   

In less than 15 minutes, you can start accepting credit cards.

In15 minutes...
discover the reasons business's selected us to be their merchant servi
ces provider.

See our solutions in real time


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See more solutions below.

 "3-in-1" Virtual ONLINE Terminal.
      · Easy  Inventory management software
      · Easy  Customer Data Management/CDM
      · Easy  Payment Processing.... All-In-One merchant account and service. 

   Make managing your business easier.  Why have one program for inventory, another for customer data, and
  another to process credit cards?
   Do it all in one easy step with our 3-in-1 package.

 Left:  Inventory with auto-fill and Customer look up.
 Below: Items totaled. Stored CC w/ name & address auto-filled.

Free Set-Up  $0.00
Just pay merchant service charges.

       Nationwide Call: 888.866.4192  




Also popular among business's that invoice clients
Online Invoice Bill-Pay  

Create and send 'online invoices'.  Your customers pay online.  

 Shouldn't your invoice be where your customer opens several times a day?  It's easier and faster for your customers.... and it saves you money too!  Reduces or eliminates the cost of printing, stamps envelopes and trips to post office to mail.

Increase efficiency.  Less time spending on invoicing, more time selling...or relaxing!


Call and ask for a demonstration.


Customer clicks  "Pay Now "  and enters CC to pay invoice.

   Got QuickBooks Software?   Integrates with several versions of QuickBooks software so you can creates invoices in QuickBooks and send a simulated online invoice to your customers.  When paid, quickly downloads the results and marks open invoice as paid.   



Online / Virtual Terminal

Chip, EMV, Bluetooth


Services start at 6.00 per month.

Rather than boast how easy and robust the virtual terminal is, we rather show you.  In most cases, this is all you need to accept credit cards in your office or home-based business.
We know what's out we made ours better.







ADD card reader to Laptop or PC to swipe credit cards. 

 Nationwide Call: 888.866.4192



We got POS too.
 Get up to 33% OFF POS systems

just bring us your best deal. 

Ask for John Lord


Out Grown your Credit Card Services?
We specialize in Merchant Accounts for
Online, Mail / Phone, Mobile, Web.  

FREE Merchant Account.
FREE Software.
FREE Hardware.

Most local banks, SuperCenters that 'out-service' can not give you what we can!
Call John Lord:  888-866-4192
Discover what only I can do for you and what I
 have done for other merchants....since 1991
John Lord, owner and president of  Merchant-id.




No audio jack required.  Bluetooth connection.  Perfect for smartphones without augio jack.  Protect yourself from counterfeit chip based cards.  web enabled tablets,  iPads and process real time credit card transactions.  email receipt to customer.  Includes virtual terminal for call-ins.



Select FREE and discounted
services that come with your new merchant account

MOBILE Payments

Bluetooth EMV chip dip / swipe

EMV Chip Card Readers
1 Free Bluetooth reader (software extra) 
with approved merchant account. 
Some conditions may apply.

Nationwide Call:  888.866.4192 



  Customer Data Management
6.00 per month

     Store and recall stored customers and credit cards, safe and securely.  Is it PCI-DSS?  Yes it is.    Great tool for business's with repeat clients.


Customer Data Manager allows you to Accept credit card payments from any PC, Laptop, i Pad  the fast easy and simple way.

Nationwide Call: 888.866.4192


Got Inventory?

     Rather than having one software for inventory, another for credit card sales, why not do both at the same time?  This takes our virtual terminals / online terminals to a higher level. 

    How's it work?  All you do is add your products inventory or service codes into our inventory management module and you can streamline the order taking process.  Quickly adds items selected from you inventory into our virtual terminal.  Then either swipe or enter credit card to complete the sale.  Combined this with our Customer Data Manager to quickly do "card on file" transactions for repeat phone order customers.

Nationwide Call: 888.866.4192
 Ask how to import into QuickBooks® software!

Inventory Management
In office / On the Road


 Merchant Account
 Accepting credit cards .  Apply over the phone.

 Why hire us for Merchant processing?

    Many local Banks, that refer to third parties, are NOT MSP's.  Super Centers, that advertise credit card processing and refer to call centers, are NOT MSP's.  Yet their advertisement and name familiarity is effective in getting normally sharp thinking business owners to drop their guard and pay up front fees for less than desirable services. 
So, why call third parties that just refer?  Call us.  Hire us.  We provide robust quality solutions and interchange pass-thru merchant account . 

MCPS is a registered MSP/ISO of Woodforest National Bank, Houston TX (one of less than 50 acquirer banks registered in ALL 50 States).  John Lord  (merchant choice payment solutions eastern states) is an agent office for MCPS.     Call John Lord for Interchange Plus pricing as well as free software and no application fee to qualified merchants.



Apply by Phone:  888.866.4192



Process In QuickBooks
Online Invoicing
Virtual terminal
other solutions

We demonstrate, You decide.
See for yourself why so many business's
found our services to be superior..

 Our company, Merchant-ID,   provides superior credit card processing services to  thousands of merchants processing millions in transactions.   With 25 plus years in the credit card processing industry, we have the reputation and quality you desire.  Experience, innovative cloud and software solutions made us a leader in the credit card processing industry. Consult with an owner, not a sales rep. You are one call away from getting great merchant services.

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